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No Monthly Fees EVER. Yes we offer other programs for training, marketing and signs however you are free to choose your own services and are never mandated anything except that you act according to all National Association of Realtors® Ethics and standards.

The days of large Brick and Mortar locations, private offices and a large carbon footprint to operate these brokerages must change. Technology has played a major role in the paradigm shift.

  • If you use a computer, a smart phone like an iPhone, you’re a Virtual Realtor, and you should earn 100% of your commissions
  • If you communicate with your clients and fellow Realtors® by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, text messaging you’re clearly a Virtual Realtor, and you should earn 100% of your commissions
  • If you meet buyers at Star bucks or the home they wish to see, or go to the Sellers home for the listing appointment you’re a Virtual Realtor, and you should earn 100% of your commissions
  • If you see the value of eliminating needless overhead like paying high splits to a brokerage just to have access for an office your hardly ever go to you’re a Virtual Realtor
  • you should join the Home Is Florida Inc. Team TODAY!!




Whether you do 1, 10, or even 100* transactions a year, Home Is Florida Inc. Realty has the best 100% commission plan for you. It is the absolute the BEST Brokerage upon which to build your business!! 

If you already know how to generate your own leads and business, and you are tired of sharing thousands of dollars of your hard earned commissions with your broker, Home Is Florida Realty has the best 100% agent commission program in the country.

If you are a new Licensee and Not A Member of the Association or the Board of Realtors®, NO PROBLEM.

You Can Join Our Sister Company and Still Generate The Commissions You Deserve.


What you can expect with Home Is Florida Inc.

  • Negotiate your own commission rates with customers  
  • Offer full-service listings, flat fee MLS® listings, menu-based (a la carte) services, buyer rebates, etc.  
  • Committed, knowledgeable and experienced support staff 
  • Assistance with showings and buyer responses. All calls, emails, and messages on your listings are forwarded to you automatically  
  • Free syndication of your listings on all the major portals  
  • Input your own listings and photos directly into the MLS® 
  • Commission checks are issued on the same day as the closing directly from the Title Company 
  • No Pressure Environment  
  • Full or Part-Time Agents Welcome  
  • Full-Time Broker Support and After-Hours Support  
  • Work From Home - No need to come into the office  
  • No Franchise Fees, No Hidden Fees  
  • No Monthly Sales Quota  
  • No Required Floor Time or Meetings  

Home Is Florida Inc. Benefits

  • No floor time. Our staff handles this for you  
  • No mandatory meetings. All sales meetings are optional, free,
    and many can be attended online or by conference call  
  • No need to come to the office. We have a great system to keep your traveling to a minimum  
  • No monthly desk fees, hidden fees, or franchise fees. We don't "nickel & dime" our agents 
  • No quotas of any kind. Regardless of your volume, your commission split does not change  
  • No bureaucracy, big corporate structure, or endless rules and regulations to deal with 
  • No sales quotas. Work full-time, part-time, or no time; as long as you keep you license active and pay your MLS® dues.  
  • The time to take control of your future is NOW!

    Virtual Online Real Estate Company

    At Home Is Florida Inc., our agents come first. We can afford to pay 100% commission minus a small flat fee because we have dramatically reduced overhead by going virtual. What this means for real estate agents is drastically increased sales commissions for the same amount of work if you were working at a traditional real estate company. In today’s business environment, the 100 percent real estate commission approach is a proven business model that works extremely well for both agents and brokers. Make more money along with more time and freedom to enjoy it!

    Here are some reasons why we have less overhead and how our associates make more money:

    • No office lease expense, mortgage or commercial property taxes.
    • Staffing requirements and payroll are reduced.
    • There is no building/liability insurance.
    • There are no expensive office furnishings and desks.
    • There are no monthly utility bills for electricity, water, sewer, garbage and network phone systems.
    • Less office equipment such as network computers, copy and fax machines filing cabinets and various supplies.


    Less overhead for us = more money for our associates!

    We conduct business every day and make it easy by using websites, email, fax, phone, and skype. And it’s amazing what can actually be accomplished these days on smart phones, tablets and laptops!


    Welcome to Tomorrow's Real Estate Industry...Today



Contact Info
Steve Javier

Lic. Real Estate Broker

Home Is Florida Inc.

Altamonte Springs   FL 32714


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